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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

The feelings of harmony after Lomi Lomi

The body will feel cleansed, balanced and more in touch with surroundings after lomi lomi. This massage brings out spiritual openness and balances the body with nature. Relaxation and a loss of stress are just some feelings the body has after a lomi lomi massage. Lomi lomi is a wonderful massage therapy. Balance the mind, body.

Increased blood circulation

Sometimes hot stones are applied before the actual lomi lomi massage begins. The hot stones are placed on certain areas of the body to promote blood circulation.


The loving strokes of lomi lomi massage promote deep relaxation. The practitioners are in tune with the clients needs and use this information to properly relax the body.

Relief in tension spots

Tense muscles are caused by many reasons among them stress and muscle injuries. The lomi lomi massage technique of using loving hands with deep, gentle strokes helps relieve the muscles of unwarranted tension.

Pain Relief

Because you are releasing the stress and tension of the body through lomi lomi massage any pains you feel in the body will be diminished. Traditionally the massage oil used in lomi lomi massage is indigenous oils made from coconut and leuki trees. The oil is worked into the skin in a rhythmic method. Repeated rhythm also promotes deeper relaxation.

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