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Brenda W.

Sacramento, CA

I have chronic lower back problems and have probably received hundreds of massages in the past. My back flared up a couple of years ago - I tried massage, but that didn't help and eventually went to physical therapy and a chiropractor for relief. When it started to flare up again a few months back, Wesley was recommended and calling him was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is the ONLY therapist who's massage provided almost instant relief. His knowledge about massage techniques and anatomy is amazing. He knows which muscles/tissues/tendons are connected to what and can instantly pinpoint a problem. He addressed other areas that I didn't know were a problem until he pointed it out. I stand straighter now and have resumed normal activity. Wesley also seems to have a passion for learning and is continually researching news ways to perfect his craft. I cannot tell you how much difference it makes to have a knowledgeable massage therapist versus a casual rub down. Thank you Wesley, you are amazing and you have a customer for life!


Sylvia D.

Castaic, CA

In town for a Jazz festival. Thank goodness for Yelp! I was a little skeptical having a man (other than my husband) giving me a massage.
Found Wesley and we were able to schedule 2 appointments. Our plans changed and we needed to add another person. Wesley was very accommodating and very professional.
The BEST massage I received. Deep tissue and scalp massage.
Thank you so much Wesley


Christina R.

Rancho Cordova, CA

Wonderful Massage Therapist! I suffer from migraines and tension headaches, which I had this time for 5 days straight. He was able to get me in on very short notice and helped tremedously. He was very professional, and able to focus on key areas, as well as areas I didn't know I needed help with. Thank you!


Scott B.
Orinda, CA


In town for a tennis tournament, I discovered Wesley to perform our "post-match" massages. Not only was he super responsive and flexible, we all felt good as new and ready to play the next day. As other reviewers stated, he is very affordable and reasonable in price. We didn't get to experience his deep-tissue massage as we requested sports massages. We didn't want to be more sore than we already were! Perfect, voila! We won all of our matches and weren't sore afterwards.


I highly recommend Wesley and encourage you to visit him whether you live locally or are in town for something else. Thank you Wesley!!!


Tameeka G

Sacramento, CA

Fantastic massage. Very professional, courteous and attentive.
Really excellent!


Peter K.

Los Angeles, CA


The massage I got from Wesley was so good it compelled me to write my first review EVER. For the past few months I did a lot of driving, which led to some right neck and shoulder pain. I don't really get massages so I tried a cheap place nearby that ended up doing nothing for me. Went on yelp and the glowing reviews for this place got me interested. There was a $50 for $90 yelp deal that pretty much gave me little reason not to try this place out. I'm so glad I did since I got such a relaxing and thorough massage that far exceeded my expectations. Wesley was very professional and customized the massage to give me what I wanted and needed. He focused on the source of the problem, found problem areas that I didn't even bring up beforehand, and often asked me if the pressure was alright. It really felt like he genuinely knew what he was doing. I got so relaxed and comfortable that I almost dozed off a few times. Wesley also doesn't rush and I believe he even went a little over the 90 minutes that I was scheduled for. Now I know where to go whenever I'm in Northern California and I highly recommend Wesley's services to anyone looking for an excellent therapeutic massage. You will find out exactly why there are only five star reviews.


Jitchaya P.

Azusa, CA

OMG!! This place is AWESOME!! If you are looking for a good massage one, you have to come over here. He is really friendly and super nice. He cares about the customer. That is really rare to find one like this. I wanted to get massage because I hurt my lower back. This is my second time I get massage since I delivered the baby. I always have pain in my lower back and shoulder. While he was massage me on the shoulder, he said it is really tight. It seems like it has a knot. After that he applied some pressure because he wanted the knot to go away and I could hear the sound POP. I felt great and relieve. Same as my lower back, he said it is really tight so he applied some pressure there. It hurts but at the same time I will more relax and it is not tense like it used to be. I used to be the one that don't believe in massage. I don't see the reason why I have to spend the money on unnecessary thing. He proved to me that I am wrong. I will spend more money with him for sure. By September, I will move to LA but I will never forget him. He is the best massage therapist ever. You gotta try it and you will love it like I do :


I've always had back and shoulder problems.  Not even kidding: I've had a giant knot inside my right shoulder blade since I was 15.  I always considered massage to be an unnecessary pampering session, so cheap Christy has never had more than a couple massages (for special occasions only).
But lately, I've had such intense pain and lack of range of motion in my neck and shoulders.  I decided something HAD to be done, and I scheduled a massage....with someone else.  On my way to the appointment, she texted me and said she'd have reschedule.  I almost cried!  I was so tired of constant pain and not being able to move my head!
I hopped on Yelp and started making calls to see if anyone could squeeze me in at the last minute.  Luckily, I called Wesley.  I'd never gotten a massage form a man before (other than my husband of course, whose idea of a massage is drilling painfully on a knot for 20 seconds and then rubbing my boobs for 5 minutes).  I was so glad I overcame the initial "weirdness" factor of seeing a male masseur.  He customized my massage based on what I needed, and didn't waste time on the things I didn't want done.  He found knots I'd had for years, new ones, and ones I didn't even know I had!!  They got worked out in a combination of some much-needed pain, as well as comfort.
When I stood up afterward, the most amazing thing happened: I COULD TURN MY HEAD!!!  I wasn't 100% healed, of course, but much better than I had expected!  I've been stretching the past couple days, and I tightened back up a little bit, but it's so much better than before.  I have no doubt that he will get this mess in my neck cleared up over the next few sessions.  Because I'm definitely going back!!


Sarah C.

Mountain View, CA

Oh, good Lord. I am relieved by, feel less discomfort after and am thankful for the deep tissue massage expertly provided by Wesley. I admit that the decision to have my body "tuned up" by a massage therapist new to this yelper was one of the better decisions I've made, here's why:

AFFORDABLE. In the past, I have paid $90/hr plus tip for an "hour long" massage by another very talented CMT. Here, I actually received a full h o u r (that's sixty minutes, not 48 minutes, ahem) and with my sweet deal (thanks, Groupon!), I snagged 3 one-hour massages for less than that $90. I think Wesley's regular price is only $60/hr which is affordable, but I'm so jazzed that I got mine for about 50% with my deal. If only I could purchase 50 one-hour massages at that rate! Nah, this man deserves every crisp dollar he charges.

PROFESSIONAL. Although it's important to establish a rapport with your CMT, I'm not the tyoe of yelper who is keen on being greeted with "wassup, girl?!" and of course, I wasn't. He shook my hand as he introduced himself. He had me complete the (what should be obligatory) questionnaire about my preferences in pressure, location on which to focus the massage, medical history, concerns, etc. The fact that he is THOROUGH speaks highly of his training.

COURTEOUS. Refer to above! Wesley maintained a decent level of mutual conversation, frequently elicited feedback during treatment, provided a glass of room temp water (which I prefer as it's comfortable to drink and I don't get shocked with a chilly glass when my body has been warmed with the increased circulation).

GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. This expands the above review. Warm towels, essential oils, high-end massage cream, therapeutic strokes with deep pressure (exactly as I'd requested), warning me when a technique may hurt, coaching me to take deep breaths, etc. TERRIFIC.

FLEXIBLE. I should mention that as a massage snob, I understand that good sessions are difficult to schedule as the CMT is in high demand. Wesley made an exception to see me late in the day -- last minute -- even though it meant that he would have to provide back-to-back treatments because he had other clients. I am so appreciative of his flexible nature and feel pretty darn lucky to get my massage with such late notice (and I do apologize).

LOCATION. Convenient for this yelper who suffers from chronic back pain and spine problems. It hurts to sit too long so I appreciate the fact that Wesley's practice is located in Rancho Cordova vs Davis (yes, I go to whatever clinic is great)!

ATMOSPHERE. Candles, dim lighting, pleasant music, relaxing ambience, comfortable temperature, anatomical charts to educate the client, CMT 'diploma' displayed nicely, clean, organized, somewhere to place my clothing and purse... oh and no irritating noises or squeaks.

Overall, this was an exceptional experience and I am glad to become a new "regular" at Touch Be Known. Thank you, Wesley!


Shontell M.
Sacramento, CA

Excellent massage! Due to my sciatica and low back pain, I'm always on the lookout for a natural alternative for pain management - at an affordable price. When I initially arrived, I was greeted by Wesley, filled out a brief medical history form, and was asked follow up questions. During the massage, he checked in about pressure but also allowed me the quiet relaxation I prefer. His professional manner made the whole experience truly enjoyable. Wesley is a gifted healer and kind soul. I can't wait until my next massage appointment!


Sacramento, CA

"Best massage ever! He has gifted hands" I bought my boyfriend a 60 minute massage on Groupon as a surprise.  He loved it and already wants to go back. I highly recommend this place. Wesley knows what he's doing!  I made a yelp account just so I could compliment him!


Jeanne W.

Fair Oaks, CA


Wesley was fantastic! He talked to me before the massage to find out if I had any problem areas I specifically wanted him to concentrate on.  Also, he had a questionnaire to fill out to give him additional info about me. Then his massage perfectly followed what I said I wanted.  I'm going back and thoroughly recommend him.  The location is great and the facility was really well done...warm comfortable table, candles, wonderful music...the whole nine yards!


Brandolyn J.

Sacramento, CA


A-MAAAAAAAZING!!!!! I Purchased 2 Groupons for myself and a friend to enjoy some Valentine's Day pampering and the service I received was worth every penny and then some. The office was very CLEAN and SERENE and Wesley was very professional and made me feel comfortable instantly. Everything was perfect from the candles, to the music, and the warm massage oil. Wesley was very thorough and paid close attention to my problem areas.  I made an appointment for my next visit before leaving his office and I have told anyone that will listen just how great Wesley is. I have visited Massage Envy and other massage therapist but Wesley takes the cake HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!


Carol B.

Rancho Cordova, CA


My son bought me a one-hour massage and I went to Wesley for the first time.  The massage was fantastic.  I had been suffering from a 1/2 frozen shoulder an have been doing exercise and physical therapy to relieve the problem.  After Wes worked on it, it felt better than it had in months.  I will go back for more--and more.


Geminigirl G.

Sacramento, CA


 I believe all the POSITIVE reviews about Wesley. I'm a massage lover, and this is the BEST MASSAGE I'VE EVER HAD.

My husband gave me a 3 session massage from Groupon (very good deal). I had my 2nd session today it was even more better from my first because this time I let him do my whole body, including face and scalp, foot massage (my first I was uncomfortable so I let him work on my back only).
He made me feel comfortable. He was very professional, knows what he's doing, gives excellent massage!!! And the place is so calming,very clean and candles smells great.(I'm very particular in cleanliness).
I HIGHLY recommend this place. I planned to stay in this massage center.
I've tried Massage envy only once. They charge so high and it's not really 1 hour, it was only 45 minutes! They will convince you to sign up to their 1 yr program...very expensive.
5 STAR for you Wesley!
Carmichael, CA

Just what I needed!!!  Thanks to Wesley the stress of my new job and the pain/discomfort from suddenly sitting all day has vanished.  I have had a LOT of massages over the years and many of my friends are accomplished massage therapists with thriving practices so I've definitely experienced the BEST already before coming to Touch Be Known.  I must say that although he has a bit of a different approach during the sessions I had, the end result is nothing less than fantastic.  Even when he did very deep work on my back I was only sore for a very short time the next day (actually only in the morning).  And my back is feeling great.  I think if you have had a lot of massage work done already my advice is to keep an open mind (since it may not be like all the other times) and see how you feel at the end.  I am going to book weekly appointments since my Groupon coupons are all used up now.  : )


Regina W.

Sacramento, CA


MAGIC HANDS!!!! I purchased a Groupon for Touch Be Known not knowing what I would get. I figured any massage is a good massage for $29. Oh my goodness! I can't believe how amazing my massage was. First you get to this health center that has such a serene and relaxing feel. Wesley's office is clean and relaxing. I'm a candle lover so I loved the warm glow of all of his candles during the massage along with the relaxing music. I appreciate attention to those small details.

    Now for the important part....the massage. This was truly the best massage I have ever had! He asked if there were any places I was experiencing pain or that needed to be focused on. I mentioned that lately my lower back was giving me slight problems. While he provided a very comprehensive massage he did focus on that area (which felt amazing). Wesley has these huge hands that can cover your back quickly and just radiate warmth. I am always a little uncomfortable during massages for obvious reasons, but I felt completely at ease. I relaxed more during this massage than I ever have.
    The icing on the cake is the fact that I have not experienced any pain from my lower back since my massage. I have already booked my next massage, and this time I'm taking advantage of the deal to upgrade to 90 minutes!
Sacramento, CA

Amazing massage! Wes is so nice and the rooms so calm.  I always feel so relaxed afterwards and can't wait for my next appointm


Danielle p.

Citrus Heights, CA


BEST MASSAGE I'VE EVER HAD!!!!! I highly recommend this place! Wesley is a very kind gentle soul with a very soothing voice that immediately puts you at ease. The whole place was so zen, clean, and decorated so nicely. everything about the massage was perfect, pressure applied, techniques used, and even his sincerity. Nothing felt rushed and it never felt like he was just trying to get it over with or like it was a chore for him. afterwards I felt euphoric, almost as if I had been drugged (which of course I had not). I brought my mom with me and she enjoyed it as much as I did, if not MORE than I did. prior to the visit I purchased a coupon for his services on groupon and I can honestly say I felt guilty paying a discounted price for such an amazing experience. I will definitely be returning, not only for massages but also for the other awesome services they offer in the building. :)



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